Migraine headaches can be very painful, affecting a person’s daily life, activities and relationships. Medical cannabis can decrease the severity of the pain caused by chronic migraines.

Headaches and pains caused by migraines can last for hours or even a few days. In extreme cases, a patient can lose consciousness or experience reversible paralysis. A migraine can be described as a painful headache that is usually accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. While the exact causes of migraine are not known yet, the reason can be associated with a patient’s genes, age, gender, nerve signals and brain chemicals. Migraines affect women 3 times more than men, and are more likely to happen in their 30s, becoming less severe with age.

Symptoms of migraine may include:

  • Painful headaches
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Feeling disoriented
  • Light sensitivity
  • Disturbed vision
  • Coordination problems

Migraine relief using medical cannabis

If migraines are getting in the way of your daily life, or preventing you from getting a well needed rest, medical cannabis can be an option to manage the pain. Medical cannabis can be an alternative treatment to relieve chronic migraine pain instead of prescription medication that can have a lot of side effects, including addiction. Due to its anti- inflammatory and pain reducing effect, migraine sufferers could find benefits from using medical cannabis as an alternative treatment.

To know more about how medical cannabis can help you with your painful migraine headaches, talk to a healthcare practitioner using the below link. The healthcare practitioner will give you a face-to- face online consultation and can recommend a treatment plan that will work best according to your condition.

Personalized advice on using medical cannabis for migraines.


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